Interfaculty Units

The main aim of the Library is to efficiently support the process of studying, scientific research and professional undertakings for which technical literature is necessary. 

This is why the Library offers numerous academic textbooks, monographs and reference sources in science and engineering.
The collection contains over 150000 printed books, we also have over 300 Polish journals and 40 foreign journals subscribed.
All the items are easily accessed during convenient opening hours in Faculty Libraries at each university faculty and in central service points: General Technology Reading Room, Scientific Information Department, Standards and Patents Information Centre, and Circulation Desk. All these points are located on the campus. 

On January 2009 Lublin University of Technology Digital Library had been founded. It contains a wide range of our University educational and training resources that could be easy accessed from everywhere. There is also a big collection of historical publications.

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The Office was established in 2009 with the aim to help other units of LUT in looking for external funding and to collaborate with the business and other potential partners of the University. 

Office for Development and Cooperation has been formed to foster – through its activities and projects – development of the University and improve cooperation between LUT and other entities. In particular, the tasks of the Office include collecting information on European funding programmes and agencies and keeping other units of LUT up to date with funding opportunities. 

The Office also organises trainings and workshops on application procedures and EU project implementation, as well as offers assistance in preparing applications and project management. The Office documents participation of LUT in the EU-funded programmes and monitors the implementation of projects at LUT. Another area of the Office for Development and Cooperation is cooperating with partner institutions and seeking further partners to carry out joint ventures.

The Centre was established in 2003 with the aim to create, maintain and develop IT systems supporting University management and improve the current IT system of the Lublin University of Technology.

The Centre for Innovation and Advanced Technologies of the LUT was established in 2006 in order to support and facilitate the activity of the Lublin University of Technology in the field of promoting new technologies, promoting and putting into practice the results of research, and developing the intellectual and technological potential of the University. The Centre's task also include coordination of the construction of a new University facility bearing the same name.

The Lublin Centre for Technology Transfer of the LUT tasks include popularisation of knowledge and promotion of ideas connected with technology and organisation of production developed at the University, providing information, advice and support as well as initiating and developing direct cooperation between the University and entrepreneurs in the field of technology, organisation, management, and controlling manufacturing processes.

Lublin Innovation Partnership of the LUT was established in 2007. The Incubator's scope of activity includes supporting the initiative of students, PHD students, graduates and junior academic staff of the Lublin University of Technology and other Universities of Lublin; popularising the idea of academic entrepreneurship; and facilitating effective application of the potential of the academic community.